• 20 December 2013

  • Maria Elisa Gomes, EVS Volunteer from Portugal
  • Kinga Komar, EVS Volunteer from Poland​
  • Mariam Gabichvadze EVS Volunteer from Georgia​​
  • Melinou Ferre EVS Volunteer from France
  • Oksana Zakharenko EVS Volunteer from Ukraina
  • Vahagn Zakaryan EVS Volunteer from Armenia

During our EVS, we discovered that students are close to their community and we wanted to help them to be more proud of themselves, go a little bit up and feel real competition. During our training we felt their need of something more than training.

Their and our motivation,  desire  and love to sport gave us power to do a competition in Tismana licaul school. Maria from Portugal with her couching  experience, Kinga  from Poland with her love to  sport and others: Mariam from Georgia, Oksana from Ukraine, Melina from France and Vahagn from Armenia with different responsibilities decided to speak with youngsters. Pupils from the school of Tismana were very interested to take part in championship. They asked many questions, got more involved and started creating teams. Christmas holiday is coming soon it’s also the end of the year. We decided to do this in last day of the school- 20 of December (morning for secondary school, afternoon for high school) in Sport hall of Tismana school.

This time can be great to show all of the community what we have done, how they improve themselves but also give them opportunity to fight for something as a team because the winner will be a team not individual. The award what they are fighting for will be cap and possibility to play against the other school.

We hope this championship gave them more confidence, capacity to play with other children and be able to work more independently.