• 5 December 2013

  • Maria Elisa Gomes, EVS Volunteer from Portugal
  • Kinga Komar, EVS Volunteer from Poland​
  • Mariam Gabichvadze EVS Volunteer from Georgia​​
  • Melinou Ferre EVS Volunteer from France
  • Oksana Zakharenko EVS Volunteer from Ukraina
  • Vahagn Zakaryan EVS Volunteer from Armenia

On the 5th of December, on the international volunteers’ day, we, volunteers of ALIAT, decided to have Free hugs campaign. Generally, a Hug day is associated with warmth, humanity, love. You give all of these to people who you don’t even know, they are complete strangers. We wanted to experience that.  It was challenging for all of us, we had different reactions from people, but at the end it was worth to do.  We have so many difficulties, troubles, lack of love and warmth in this life that all of us need this kind of days, we need to stop worrying  for one moment and just hug each other, hug complete strangers , heal their wounds a little bit, make them warm and in  these seconds, moments let them and also ourselves forget about problems, difficulties and just  feel love and warmth. This was our goal and if we managed to fulfill one of these for even a single person, this means we did something to be proud of.