Youth Green Power is 7 days local initiative carried out by Asociatia Libera Initiativa si Antreprenoriat Tismana - ALIAT, during 21-27 October, 2013 in Tismana, Gorj County, Romania. Project aims to promote active citizenship in general and European citizenship in particular. Involved 50 youngsters will be able to discuss and to use art as a tool to promote active citizenship and European one. Besides, proposed activities are focused to increase youngsters' participation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Target group come from rural communities which are characterized by lowest living standards and few opportunities for youngsters’ personal and social development. Proposed initiative will be good possibility for youngsters to become active in community level and to feel themselves useful. 

The main objectives of the project are:
* To promote active European citizenship in 5 disadvantaged rural communities from GORJ County;
* To involve young people in the work of art and culture;
* To stimulate cultural life - by showing alternatives and creative lifeforms that are rarely seen in mentioned rural area/s.
* To realize slogan and logo of "GREEN ART WEEK";
* To facilitate young people with fewer opportunities from disadvantaged areas of social, economical and geographical difficulties to the Youth in Action program;
* To promote cooperation with local actors (educational institutions, local public administration etc).



Planned activity "Natural Orchestra" aims to create musical performance using only natural materials. Participants was trid to find musical instrument in woods.
  • COORDINATOR: Maria Gomes (Portugal)



Activity "Be Creative" will help participants to be different and creative during their work. Participants task will be to collect recycle materials in community, together with local members and volunteers of ALIAT and to make creative things. 
  • COORDINATOR: Kinga Komar (Poland)


During activity "Silence Hours", youngsters will have meditative group walk in beautiful nature around Tismana and will be responsible to take different photos of mountains, views, landscape etc. 
  • COORDINATOR: Oksana Zakharenko (Ukraina)

 "Learn about Nature" will be possibility for participants to spend their time together and attend "movie evening" related to environmental issue and to realize the importance of nature, its positive value etc. After movie, youngsters will have possibility to discuss and even to arrange debates about mentioned theme.
  • COORDINATOR: Mariam Gabichvadze(Gorgia)


Activity "Favorite Place in Nature" will give involved participants opportunity to define their favorite place in nature and to write a description or even to draw the picture.
  • COORDINATOR: Vahagn Zakaryan (Armenia)

is part of local initiative "Youth Green Power", Action 1.2 financed by ANPCDEFP which was implemented in Tismana by ALIAT, on 21-27 October, 2013 in order to establish "Green Art Week" with permanent character. Mentioned initiative involved youngsters with fewer opportunities from different communities.
  • COORDINATOR: Melinou Ferre (France)