EVS (RO) MANIA is a Group EVS project which is implemented in TISMANA community from GORJ county, South-West OLTENIA, Romania. Project is focused on inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities from hosting community by means of non formal educational methods. 

EVS (RO) MANIA is a 5 months group EVS project that gathers 6 young volunteers from 3 program and 3 neighboring partner countries (France, Poland, Portugal, Armenia, Ukraine and Georgia) in order to promote social awareness, tolerance and mutual understanding. It aims participation of youngsters and involvement of young people with fewer opportunities by non formal educational methods. 

The project is oriented on volunteers’ personal and professional development but also focused on improvement of target community. At the same time, project is the challenge to contribute new opportunities, new perspectives for target group. The target group consists of young people aged from 13-25. 

The key themes of the project are rural development and education through sport and outdoor activities. Volunteers will be able to organize different kind of activities for youngsters from hosting community based on their skills. They can implement various activities, such as: sport events and competitions, handcraft workshops, camps, dancing and singing lessons, intercultural events, presentation sessions and foreign language sessions in non formal atmosphere, theatrical events and scale activities related to International days etc.