My name is Daniel Caprita and I am not a former EVS volunteer but I have huge experience to work on different positions in European Voluntary Service projects.



“EVS (RO) MANIA” is one of the project where I am involved as a mentor. It is focused on inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities from hosting community by means of non formal educational methods. The project is oriented on volunteers’ personal and professional development but also focused on improvement of target community. At the same time, project is the challenge to contribute new opportunities, new perspectives for target group. The target group consists of young people aged from 13-25. 

It is difficult to be a good mentor, but working process is really interesting. During work, you have a chance to learn a lot of things from volunteers and discover a lot of things in yourself as well. As a worker with volunteers, you need always to have time for them, you should have strong communication skills, to be oriented on volunteers’ work, to be attentive, hard-worker and to have strong sense of responsibility.

5 months is not short time, we became big family from all over the world!!! We worked together, sharing problems, experience, success, even failure. At the end of the project, of course feelings and emotions are different. In proposed project, I met different kind of persons, they were coming from different cultural and educational background, They had different nationality and personality. Sometimes volunteers had difficulties, but when you have some problems, you are trying to learn and find the way of solution, it makes you stronger. Exactly these difficulties make you stronger in the life, because EVS is real life.

At the end, I see how volunteers grew up, how they changed and how strongers they became. But even if some volunteers have problem, it doesn’t mean that they are alone in front of their problems. The team of organization helps and supports them in all situation.