I am from Poland. However last 2.5 years I spent  in Cardiff (Welsh). Sport has always been my passion and an opportunity of having fun. I love showing people that sport is not just a repetitive and boring exercise but something that can be amazing and enjoyable. I also like reading books, waching movies and spending time with diffrent people.



It is more than experience, traveling or meet new people. It's not just to come and "work" in another country. It is something different which is difficult to describe by words but I will try. When you come to another country you have no idea what to expect, where exactly you go or what kind of people you will meet. You have to be ready for everything. You come here and you start to work.... Every time you have to find different solutions because if something works once, it maybe doesn’t work another time. It's also coming time when you feel lost. You don't know what you want, why you are here etc. You can't find yourself but with the help of people you can find the power to try again and again, then you have this amazing feeling, yes!!! I did and you have no idea how you did without knowing the native language. During EVS you will start to be more creative, you will learn how to work with group who you never know before, you will find out what was wrong, what you need to improve or how to plan correctly, simply you will find yourself better, you will learn how to pass difficulties and weakness, you will learn how to live with different people even in unknown country and culture. During EVS, you will meet lots of persons, maybe you don’t understand them but you have to accept without trying to change them. You also meet lovely people/children who like you from the beginning and they are trying to make you happy, to give you feeling that you are useful for them.

My EVS project is in small and nice town where you can meet a lot of friendly people. They are helping me to adapt local environment quickly. From the first moment, I felt like home, but sometimes I have feeling that nothing has meaning what I am doing, sometimes I have opposite feelings, but it is life and how my mentor says everything has two sides. If I should suggest you to do EVS, I will say big YES because this is unique, unforgettable experience which you can’t find anywhere. Here, you can try whatever you want; here is always a person who believes you, who is ready to help you, who is thankful and grateful of your work.

I would like to suggest you something…be honest when you write motivation letter, why you want to come, why you want to do EVS and what you want to get from it and what you want to offer community. Use every moment, every second from EVS from your life.



"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller