I’m Maria from Portugal. I’m devoted to do different type of physical activities. I already play a lot of sport but what I really like and still playing is rugby. I love eat every kind of suits and food and play the guitar. I love animals specially dogs and cats. Simplicity is my way of living.



Why not does one of this project? I thought like this: I will be able in some project of my life to have the opportunity to live / work / live / fun with people of different nationalities in a completely different country from mine? And at the same time learn and understand the meaning to helping,  be more independent and overcome with the situations that encounter in front of me, take initiative and have a thousands of adventures and experiences?!  I decided to enroll me in this project because it was a dream of mine since some time. By doing this project I know I will have challenges to overcome and above all learn from them. The choice to be part of this kind of project depends on how much you want and feel that you are able but I can tell you for sure that will be something that I will never live again and learn a lot, both at personal level as professional.



“Dream, Fight, Conquer, Anything is possible, You were born to win.”