I’m Mariam Gabichvadze from Georgia, 22 years old. I finished Tbilisi state university, English philology. My profession isn’t what I want to do rest of my life. I love watching movies, everything about the film industry, starting from the set to actors’ personal life, that’s why I want to connect my future to films, I don’t know exactly what I will do, I’m still figuring everything out, but I will definitely want to work on set. When I go back to my country I’m planning to continue my master at theatre university.



My whole life I wanted to go abroad, visit other countries, find out more about  people from different  area. Just couple of months ago I heard about EVS. First was my friend who was selected and gone to Bulgaria. She was very delighted about the experience, she  met many good people. I wanted to do the same. Finally I was lucky to be chosen in this project, called “EVS (RO)MANIA”.  EVS  is a challenge for me. Starting from the first day. It’s a completely new experience. You meet very different people, sometimes you get in a quite difficult situation, but  you learn how to deal with these things, you learn how to be independent, fearless, strong. I’m sure EVS can change one’s life, Maybe I don’t feel this now very much, but I’m sure it will definitely be visible when I go back to Georgia.



I always liked the  words  which Audrey Hepburn said: “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, THE WORD ITSELF SAYS “I’M POSSIBLE””.