I am a 24 years old Ukrainian girl, who is absolutely in love with life who is a big fan of European cinema and photography, also of good food and drinking, I’m an insatiable reader and a young researcher of Central-East European culture and mentality.

EVS is a challenge for me: the way of escaping from my “stable” life, life with a strict plan for next several years, where I know how to spend my time productively, where I have a big support from my friends and family, but there, at the same time, people expect too much from me and I haven't right to make a mistake. I chose EVS because I needed time to pause, time to restart, to be alone and to rediscover myself. I wanted to understand what is really important for me, what kind of work brings me pleasure and finally I needed to find out what it feels like to live for myself and not for somebody else’s expectations.Why I chose Romania? For the last two years I’ve been studying the history and culture of Central-East Europe at the University and Romania was my favorite country, it’s a combination of West and East culture and civilization. I can even say that I was in love with this country and dreamt to learn more about it. EVS gave me a great opportunity to stay here not like a tourist or a traveler, but as a member of Romanian society.

First of all you should do what you really like, but do it in the best way.